Freedom for Tep Vanny

I stand with strangers who stand for their right to freedom within their indigenous communities.

Today's petition to release Tep Vanny is here:


I have recently discovered the Georgia-filmed gem Walking Dead. Like many other people, my favorite character is Daryl Dixon, portrayed by Norman Reedus. Unlike most of the other characters, Daryl did not come from the comics which inspired the series. Rather, Norman auditioned for a different part and made such an impression that Daryl was created just for him.

I love that, in addition to his work acting and modeling, Norman has founded Big Bald Head. According to the website, the "recurring theme in his images is making the disturbing beautiful."

The Last Shaman

"Directed by Raz Degan, The Last Shaman is the story of James Freeman, a young man who decides to take matters in his own hands when faced with incurable depression. He undergoes a life-changing journey in the Amazon jungle that brings him a deeper understanding and acceptance of self. Along the way, he experiences the healing properties of the tribal plant medicine Ayahuasca and the world around it." The Last Shaman, Official Site


I saw the book the day before the hurricane winds swept upward into northwest Georgia. I read it by candlelight. The trigger warnings at the beginning read like an invocation. I am grateful for the boundaries explored and obstacles overcome. Death, loss, depression and transformation all are here.

Refuge In Grief

"Now, I’m not saying that kids should be exposed to the realities of death, not fully. There is always a need for age-appropriate discernment. But to hide the truth, hoping that it makes them gentle – man, that is a huge dis-service.

And demanding that others lie about their own reality in order to keep your own fantasy-land intact? Wow.

And of course, those of us here know that refusing to acknowledge that death exists does not in any way protect you from it. Refusing to allow discussions about illness and death just means that when it does happen, the child will have absolutely no skills to deal with their grief. He’ll just know that it’s not okay to talk about.

This whole avoidance of death thing creates generations of people ill-equipped to respect the reality of grief. It creates legions of people feeling grief, without any capacity to speak to it, or handle it, or treat it with respect and understanding." - Megan, Refuge in Grief


Yolandi Visser came to me via the movie Chappie, an inspired take on robots, consciousness and humanity. It moved me in unexpected ways. So does Yolandi.

Women's Conference

The theme for the Women's Conference in Detroit last weekend = Reclaiming Our Time.

How Saturnal.

By reclaiming our time, we re-define our boundaries in a powerful way. I didn't make it to the Women's Conference, but I did show up in DC last January for the Women's March.

Today I'm followed up with the three action steps which conference leaders distilled from the fray:

Declare that it's an American value to welcome refugees. Join MomsRising in telling Congress to 1. Avoid cuts to Medicaid, Medicare & SNAP 2. Pass the Dream Act 3. Take a healthy and balanced approach to healthcare which is respectful of women's rights.  Pledge to contact congressional representatives about passing a clean DREAM Act and join marchers in DC and other cities November 9.  You can participate here: TAKE ACTION.